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Insatiable Gets Season 2 Premiere Date

Fans of Netflix’s Insatiable are about to be… sated?

The streaming giant has announced that Season 2 of the Debby Ryan-led revenge comedy will premiere Friday, Oct. 11, more than a year after its freshman launch in August 2018.

Insatiable stars Ryan as Patty Bladell, a young woman who had been bullied, ignored, and underestimated by those around her because of her weight. But once she found herself suddenly thin (having her jaw wired shut helped!), Patty sought payback against anyone who ever made her feel bad about herself.

Meanwhile, Bob Armstrong (played by The Good Wife‘s Dallas Roberts), a disgraced attorney whose true passion is coaching beauty pageant contestants, saw Patty’s potential and took her under his wing — first as a legal client, and then as a pageant contestant whom he is coaching toward becoming the top pageant queen. Christopher Gorham (Covert Affairs) and Alyssa Milano (Charmed) also star.

New footage of Insatiable‘s sophomore year can be glimpsed in the above sizzle reel of Netflix’s October offerings, beginning at the 33-second mark.

Prior to its debut, Insatiable received widespread backlash on social media, with many people criticizing the show’s alleged endorsement of fat-shaming. “Upon first glance, the show is something, and I think people really reacted to that,” Milano said at the time. “But when you get deeper into it, it’s about something else, which is what every interaction in our lives is really about.”

New castings for Season 2 include Grey’s Anatomy doc Alex Landi and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend‘s Vincent Rodriguez III.

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