BH90210 Finale Delivers Two Paternity Shockers and One Truly Disturbing Kiss

BH90210 Recap

Mischa Barton’s O.C. character coming back from the dead was somehow the least surprising part of Wednesday’s twist-filled BH90210 season — or is it series? — finale, which chronicled the gang’s agonizing wait to find out if Fox was ordering the reboot.

From two paternity surprises to one incestuous moment we’d all rather forget, it was easily the least predictable episode thus far. In fact, let’s just break this one down twist by twist so we can all process it together:

* Despite Shay’s private investigator confirming that Zach isn’t Brian’s biological son, the man formerly known as David Silver decided to serve as a father figure until the real deal is tracked down — which could be sooner than expected, as Jason also recognized Zach’s mom from the photo he gave Brian. So even though Jason lost a wife this week, he might have gained a son.

* Ian was similarly blindsided after hooking up with Denise Richards at a pre-upfront party… only to learn that Anna is her daughter.

* On a more disturbing note, Shannen daydreamed that she (as Brenda) was kissing Jason (as Brandon), the result of some curious observations made by test viewers.

* Tori and Jennie both found themselves questioning their respective relationships; Tori was frustrated by how much effort it takes her husband to overcome his jealousy, while Jennie was simply weirded out that Wyatt got her initials tattooed on his chest.

* Lastly, Christine informed everyone that Fox wants the pilot reshot with a new writer (sorry, Anna!), a new supporting cast (sorry, Kyler!), a new location (Vancouver?!) and one less series regular. BH90210 may have been conceived as a “limited series,” but if Fox decides to keep it going, there’s clearly no shortage of stories to tell.

* And here’s the biggest twist of all: Can you believe we didn’t actually see a single second of the pilot they spent all season producing? I now feel invested in this project and would like to see the fruits of our labor. (If unavailable, I would also settle for a peek at that insane-sounding O.C. reboot.)

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