Grand Hotel Finale Reveals What Really Happened to Sky, Plus 4 Other Twists

Grand Hotel Recap

Monday’s Grand Hotel finale took us back to the night it all began, revealing the truth about Sky’s fate — along with a few more unexpected game changers.

Fresh off the discovery that Jason is her half-brother, Alicia remained committed to helping Danny figure out what happened to his own sister. And that family drama was only further complicated by Santiago’s announcement that he amended his will to include Carolina and Yoli. (Pretty soon, everyone on this show is going to be related.)

As for Sky, we learned through a series of flashbacks that she discovered Beatriz’s suicide note in Gigi’s closet during a sexy date with Yoli on the night before the hurricane. In an effort to keep the letter a secret, Gigi said that her jewelry was missing, leading Yoli to believe that Sky was merely using her to steal from her family.

Sky demanded money in exchange for her silence, but Gigi didn’t have access to that kind of coin, so Sky attempted to escape with the letter. Helen, who had her own obvious reasons for wanting to conceal Jason’s true paternity, put the hotel on lockdown, sending Sky to the only available exit… where Gigi confronted her at gunpoint! Sky got the upper hand after an embarrassingly brief scuffle, but Helen’s husband Malcolm — who overheard Helen and Gigi blabbing (loudly!) about Jason’s paternity — hit Sky over the head from behind, killing her instantly.

After confronting Helen in the hospital, Danny agreed not to tell Malcolm’s family what he did, but only because he didn’t want to hurt Jason. And on a much darker note, Danny said it looked like the universe already found a way to punish him. (Yikes!) He was right, though — Malcolm died shortly thereafter.

Other twists worth discussing…

* Following a tense phone call with Helen, Santiago went downstairs to speak with her, only to be greeted by an armed assailant. The episode ended with Santiago bleeding out on the basement floor.

* After being fired from the Riviera Grand, Mateo bumped into Ingrid — and before we knew it, the two were shacking up. When she asked where he was going in the middle of the night, he replied, “To make one last mistake.” (Gee, could he have possibly been the one who shot Santiago?)

* Javi’s new friend with benefits (Glee‘s Jessalyn Gilsig!) turned out to be Ingrid’s mother. She’s also lying to Javi about being sober, but if you’re only going to focus on one twist here, that’s not it.

* Carolina apparently told her father about Santiago adding them to his will, and now he’s coming home. (Gulp!)

Let’s discuss: Did you predict any of those twists? Grade the finale below, then drop a comment with your full review of the episode.

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