The Flash Boss Teases a 'Fun' Reason for Iris' Naturally Curly Change-Up

Flash 6x05 Iris Curls

In late August, Candice Patton revealed (and celebrated) via social media a new look for The Flash‘s Iris. TVLine has since gotten a sense for what brings about this mini, yet meaningful, makeover — and whether it’s just a one-time thing.

“It means a lot to wear my curls on The Flash. And I know it will to so many of you who look like me,” the African-American actress said on Twitter, alongside the above photo of her, as Iris, sporting a naturally curly mane. “We asked and [showrunner Eric Wallace] gave me the go ahead.”

Of course, Iris in real life would spare herself much time and anxiety by wearing natural curls far more often than, what, once every six years. And yet… she hasn’t. So for Wallace, who is also African-American, to greenlight this switch-up is no superficial thing.

“It’s a big deal,” says Patton. “I’m happy we were able to do something small that has such large impact.”

As for the why of this mane event, to take place in the fifth episode of Season 6….

“There’s a reason her hair is that way in the story, and it has to do with fun, and Iris just being herself, and letting the character show more sides of who she is,” Wallace teases for TVLine. “It’s also about letting Candice show more sides of who she is as a person and as an actress, which is something I support 100 percent.

“I love her hair that way,” he added. “I wouldn’t be surprised to see it more than once that way this season.”

Perhaps Iris lets her hair “down” as a means of decompressing, seeing as she will feel pressured to get the Central City Citizen truly up and running, now that the paper will be breaking the news of The Flash’s vanishing in just a matter of weeks.

Iris’ journalism storyline “is on fire in the first half [of the season],” Wallace trumpets. “In the season premiere (airing Tuesday, Oct. 8), she’ll comment on the fact that, ‘Hey, my paper’s not real yet. I only have so many followers.’ So her paper is going to have to grow up real fast.”

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