TV Streaming Service Guide: Disney+, Netflix, Apple TV+, Hulu and 21 Other Options — What Are Your 'Must Haves'?

Streaming TV Services - List

The Streaming TV Apocalypse (#PeakStream?) is nigh — and consumers will be forced to make some tough choices.

In the coming months, behemoths such as Apple, Disney and WarnerMedia will enter the marketplace with services to take on the new Big 3 (Netflix, Hulu and Amazon). It’s unlikely that consumers will subscribe to all six, on top of a smattering of niche SVODs offered — so what’s your plan?

The following guide provides a rundown of subscription rates, original series, and select library content offered by established, fledgling and forthcoming streamers. In addition to the mighty trinity, you’ll find pertinent information on smaller players such as CBS All Access and DC Universe, as well as anticipated newbies such as HBO Max and NBCUniversal’s as-yet-untitled service.

We’ve also gathered intel on more distinctive SVODs geared towards anglophiles, gore hounds, history buffs and Hallmark Channel enthusiasts. And cord-cutters will find solutions to keep up with their favorite premium cable series.

The attached guide will be updated as more streamers become prominent and/or adjust their rates. In the meantime, hit the comments and answer the following: How many services are you currently subscribed to? What are your must-haves? And which services would you consider adding and/or dropping?