Lucifer's Final Season Premiere Title Hints at a 'Really Sad' [Spoiler]

Lucifer Final Season Spoilers

Of course, everyone is pretty sad about the way Lucifer Season 4 ended. But the title of the Fox-turned-Netflix series’ fifth and final season suggests that the Devil himself is pretty hung up about his hellacious fate as well.

After co-showrunner Ildy Modrovich previously teased that the Season 5 premiere title was four words that started with the letters R, S, D and G — which elicited guesses great and… not-so-great — the Lucifer writers room revealed the whole shebang on Thursday. And while several fans had guessed “Really Sad Decker Girl” (which frankly had my enthusiastic vote), the actual title is close to that, yet Devil-centric:

Keeping in mind that all Lucifer titles are snippets of actual dialogue from that episode, who do you think is describing Luci’s sad state, compelled as he was at the end of last season to reclaim his throne as the King of Hell? Is it the Devil himself, grousing to one of his demons, or a friend who’s topside?

As announced in July, Lucifer‘s farewell run has been expanded from 10 episodes (as its first Netflix season was) to a robust 16. And TVLine can exclusively report that production will begin next Friday, Sept. 6.

Co-showrunners Modrovich and Joe Henderson told TVLine they have known Season 5’s opening sequence “literally since we started Season 4,” with the former adding: “We also have one other, really fun toy to play with, that we know is going to be a big guiding factor in Season 5 — so we’re excited about that, too.”

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