The Spy Trailer: Sacha Baron Cohen Transforms Into a Suave Spy for Netflix

Sacha Baron Cohen is getting dressed up in disguises again… but this time, it’s no joke.

The Borat comedian takes a dramatic turn in the new Netflix drama The Spy, and in the just-released trailer — which you can watch above — we see him as Israeli spy Eli Cohen, who agrees to a dangerous undercover mission where he infiltrates Syrian high society to learn about the government’s anti-Israeli operations. At first, Eli is eager, as a commanding officer sternly asks him, “If your country needed you to lie to your friends, your family, your wife… would you do it?”

We see Eli befriending a powerful sheik and laughing it up at lavish parties — while also snapping covert photos of classified Syrian documents. (“We all have secrets,” he tells a new associate.) But soon, he starts having trouble drawing the line between his undercover identity and his real one. “You are saving lives, Eli,” his handler (played by The Americans‘ Noah Emmerich) assures him… but is he losing his own?

The six-episode limited series, written and directed by Homeland veteran Gideon Raff, debuts Friday, Sept. 6 on Netflix. Are you ready to accept the assignment? Press PLAY above for a sneak peek at The Spy, and then drop your first impressions in a comment below.

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