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The Flash Season 6 Photos: How Soon Will WestAllen's World Be Rocked?

Flash Season 6 Photos

The first photos from Season 6 of The Flash (and the return of the Arrowverse at large) have arrived, and they suggest that little time will lapse before “WestAllen” discovers that the Crisis in which Barry will vanish is right around the bend!

“Yes, they will find out sooner rather than later — immediately — the effects of what that date change means,” showrunner Eric Wallace told TVLine in the Comic-Con video embedded below. And “it’s going to rock their world.”

The first flurry of photos show Barry and Iris in the time vault, presumably laying eyes on the updated newspaper dateline, a concerned Cisco and Caitlin, and a decidedly happier group shot.

Season 6 of The Flash (premiering Tuesday, Oct. 8 and titled “Into the Void”) will be presented as two parts: what is being dubbed “Graphic Novel No. 1” aka the episodes leading up to the five-part “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover event (launching Sunday, Dec. 8 and ending Tuesday, Jan. 14), and then the aftermath of said crisis, which promises “really intense” times for (ill-fated?) Barry and his wife.

To best prepare for the looming crisis, Wallace told TVLine earlier this month, “I would really rewatch all three episodes of [the] ‘Elseworlds’ [crossover], because it will enrich your viewing experience. Without giving away any spoilers, there are certain ‘elements’ that will be revisited in ‘Crisis,’ that were very deliberately planted back then and now we’re going to pay off.”

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