BH90210 Recap: Up in Smoke

BH90210 Recap

Despite getting off to a rocky start, the 90210 reboot finally caught fire (in more ways than one!) on Wednesday’s BH90210.

Sure, the show’s new head writer was able to fix the pilot script — thanks to a sneaky assist from Ian Ziering — but how is the cast supposed to shoot the episode now that the Peach Pit set has burned down? And which unknown arsonist sprayed “STOP ACTING LIKE I’M NOT EVEN HERE” on the stage door before torching the place? A lot happened this week, but first, let’s tackle that red-hot mystery.

Based on the tone of the message, it’s safe to assume it’s someone from the original cast who expected to be included in the reboot, yes? The only series regulars from the original show’s first season who aren’t participating in this reboot-within-a-reboot are Carol Potter, James Eckhouse, Douglas Emerson and Luke Perry. Emerson’s character was killed off in the show’s second season, so I don’t think he’d expect to be included in the reboot. And Perry, as we all know, passed away earlier this year. So that just leaves… the Walsh parents? Come to think of it, Carol did seem pretty disappointed when she saw everyone during group therapy a few weeks ago. James, meanwhile, is a big ol’ question mark.

OK, time to hash out this week’s other (non-fiery) developments…

* Gabrielle Carteris was humiliated after her big date with Christine Elise turned out to be, well, not a date. But she got a second chance at romance later thanks to a little liquid courage. “Life is too short, and this is right,” Gabby said before diving into a full-on makeout with the woman formerly known as Emily Valentine.

* After Shay’s private investigator dug up some troubling information about Zach, Brian Austin Green confronted his new assistant for answers, resulting in the three-word confession we all saw coming: “I’m your son.”

* When Wyatt made it clear that he doesn’t get involved with his charges, Jennie Garth said she’s going to ask Fox to reassign him. (“I hear there have been a few issues on Empire,” he suggested.) But even though Kyler admitted to being the one who slashed Jennie’s tire, there’s still the matter of that arsonist, so… Wyatt’s going nowhere.

* Not only did Shannen Doherty formally bury the hatchet with Jennie and agree to do the reboot, but she managed to secure twice the salary her co-stars are receiving. They protested, but come on, how else are those poor orphans going to get the help they so desperately need?

Your thoughts on this week’s BH90210? Any theories about the mysterious arsonist? And did you see the Zach reveal coming from a mile away? Drop a comment with your take on the episode below.

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