What's a Popular Show You've Never Seen a Single Episode Of? Big Bang? 24? Walking Dead? Lost? 'Fess Up!

Popular TV Shows Never Watched

There are currently 500-plus scripted shows, so it’s impossible to sample everything. But way back in the 2000s — far simpler times! — what was my possible excuse for never having caught a single episode of Gilmore Girls?

There, I said it. (Though I’ve admitted it before, usually when Ausiello is on the other coast and out of earshot.) I have never seen Gilmore Girls. I don’t know Dean from… Jessie, is it? I know it’s set in Stars Hollow, and there’s a diner. Oh, and I once co-starred in an Ask Ausiello video with the Kelly Bishop. (She played….?) But I can truthfully assure you that I have never sat down to watch a single episode, nor have I ever found myself watching one whilst channel surfing.

The TVLine staff is full of such deep, dark confessions. Ausiello himself has never watched The West Wing, Kim Roots never tapped into The Wire (ditto for me) and Rebecca Iannucci to date has taken a pass on Friday Night Lights. Big Bang Theory was never a big priority for Dave Nemetz, Andy Swift never creeped The Walking Dead (or put in time at The Office), Ryan Schwartz hasn’t played the Game of Thrones (I myself only tuned in for the final season), and Vlada Gelman has not once witnessed Walter White Breaking Bad.

What’s your nope-never-seen-it TV confession?

Have you had a severe allergic reaction to Grey’s Anatomy (or, gasp, ER)? At the height of Twin Peaks mania, did you never set foot in that odd Northwestern town? When The Sopranos was a bada-thing, did you simply shrug, “Fuhgeddaboudit”? Have you not once been there for the Friends, as much as they were there for you? (Clap-clap-clap!)

It’s TV confession time, dear readers. Give yourself a gut-check and own up to your oversights along with us, using the Comments section below: What is a popular show, past or present, of which you have never watched one… single… episode?

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