MTV VMAs: Travolta's 'Adele Dazeem' Sequel? Lil Nas X Speechless? Did Swift Bail Early? And More Burning Qs

John Travolta MTV VMAs Taylor Swift

Got questions about Monday’s MTV Video Music Awards? Well, we’ve got answers questions, too! Seven of ’em to be exact. And they’re driving us crazy. 

1. Why did the VMAs hand out the night’s biggest award – Video of the Year — in the middle of the telecast vs. at the end? Did totally-not-tipped-off-winner Taylor Swift have a hard out at 9:30?

2. Did someone forget to send us the memo about the Video of the Year award being a fan-voted category, as Swift declared during her acceptance speech?

3. Did Video of the Year co-presenter and legendary “Adele Dazeem” gaffe-r John Travolta really mistake Swift lookalike Jade Jolie for the real thing? Or was he just making a funny? (Watch video!) We may never know.

4. Are Bebe Rexha and Lizzo scheming to replace Swift as the new go-to celeb-in-the-audience cutaway during award shows?

5. Did “Old Town Road” phenom Lil Nas X really have nothing to say during his acceptance speech for Song of the Year?

6. Was there a helipad on the roof of the Prudential Center that allowed the Jonas Brothers to get from their concert in Asbury Park to Newark in less than an hour? Also, would the trio have made the trek had they not known definitively that “Sucker” was going to win for Best Pop Video?

7. Nothing against VMA emcee Sebastian Maniscalco but… maybe the VMAs should consider following Oscars’ and (now) Emmys’ lead and go host-less next year?