Instinct Series Finale Recap: Did a Nerve Agent End Dylan's Career?

Instinct Cancelled Finale Recap

Instinct aired its Season 2 and, as it turns out, series finale on Sunday night, a little over a week after CBS cancelled the procedural.

The Case of the Week found Dylan and Lizzie puzzling over a total of four severed heads found in Turtle Pond, all in various states of decay/bloat. Their investigation led them to The Conklin Institute, where Dr. Portman had recently focused research and funnelled and funds into solving for Alzheimer’s, after his wife, Allyson, was diagnosed with the early-onset kind. Julian discovered files on Allyson’s computer that suggested the couple as doing human testing of their research into the “Death Wave” that occurs neurologically when a person’s “life flashes before their eyes” right before expiring. But in the end, it turned out that a beady-eyed Dr. Wells was doing his own illicit research, decapitating terminal cancer patients and the like to study their brain activity at time of death.

Throughout the series’ final hour, Dylan worried that the nerve agent he had been exposed to had comprised his vision — perhaps chronically, and to a degree that he can no longer properly observe human behavior. Meaning, his career would be over. On top of that, Dylan hallucinated seeing Pasternack, the dead, double-dealing mercenary frenemy that he and Julian recently came to suspect was in fact alive and going by the name Ken Goodman. Pasternack actually resurfaced, in the flesh, during Dylan’s MRI, explaining that he has gotten wind that “something big is hitting New York,” and that the infecting of the NYPD computers was but “the tip of the iceberg.” To fend off this event, Pasternack needs Dylan to ask Julian to lend his particular set of skills. Julian at first rebuffs Dylan’s suggestion, but later meets up with Pasternack to begrudgingly help fight the good fight.

After solving the Case of the Week, Dylan told a worried Lizzie that ahead of his rescheduled MRI, he has self-diagnosed himself as suffering from acute stress disorder or “fight-or-flight response” (stemming from, he didn’t disclose, Pasternack’s “resurrection”). And he has chosen to fight, especially now that he has reason more than ever to stay put, with a baby on the way for him and Andy.

Dylan then traded his motorcycle for Gary, whom he and Andy will watch/spoil rotten while Lizzie speeds off of her first non-staycation in a long, long time. She’s planning a cross-country ride, with at least one stop along the way — in Las Vegas, to catch an MMA fight with Detective Stock, whom she caught early “squatting” (and quite shirtless) in the precinct locker room, after he delayed his trip home to properly tour New York.

What did you think of Instinct‘s final run? Are you glad that Dylan will be all right? But disappointed to not see the Campbell Scott storyline play out?

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