13 Reasons Why Season 3 Finale Recap: Did You Predict Those Killer Twists? And Was Justice Really Served?

13 Reasons Why Finale

Friendly warning: This article spoils the Season 3 finale of Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why. Haven’t seen it? Get to streaming!

Because this show is basically just misery porn at this point, the third season finale of 13 Reasons Why opened with Monty’s father visiting him in prison, only to spit in his face and call him a f–got. It was almost — I said almost — enough to make you feel bad for Monty, even after everything he’s done as a result of his own internalized homophobia. Unfortunately, we’ll never get the opportunity to come to terms with our feelings about Monty… because he was killed in his cell. Off screen.

And because Monty was already dead, Ani figured, “Hey, why not just pin Bryce’s murder on him!” even though a flashback to the night of the Homecoming game revealed that Alex was the one who pushed Bryce off the pier and did absolutely nothing to save him from drowning. Even Deputy Standall was like, “Sure, that sounds about right,” even though he knew damn well what his son did.

Speaking of Alex’s dad, I’d like to give him the award for Grimmest Thanksgiving Prayer of All-Time: “Father, please bless and keep safe our children. All of our children. Their world is darker than ours. And, Father, forgive us for what we’ve done to make it that way.” Like, how do you eat after that?

Of course, Monty wasn’t the only jerk to die before getting a chance to redeem himself. After sweeping that murder/cover-up under the rug, the gang listened to the tape Bryce recorded for Jessica, which was almost — again, I said almost — enough to make me feel bad for him.

On the tape, Bryce admitted to raping Jessica, as well as seven or eight other girls. “I won’t name them, but if they choose to tell you, believe them,” he said. He also revealed that he started seeing a counselor, knowing he’d spend the rest of his life making up for what he’s done. “I’m trying to be better,” he said, “to be someone worth something in this world.” Well, it’s too late for that now!

Even Bryce’s old-world grandfather bit the big one in the finale. But at least his death gave Brenda Strong the opportunity to serve full funeral glamour one last time. She gives good grief.

Also worth discussing…

* This episode could — and probably should — have been the series finale. Given their track records, there’s no way these kids’ lives will get better from here. Only worse. Had that boat (literally named The Predator!) not unearthed that gun at the very end, all loose ends would have been tied.

* OK, not every loose end would have been tied. After all, Winston is still walking around Evergreen with the knowledge that his beloved Monty didn’t actually kill Bryce. (Side note: Of all the heinous, unnecessary storylines on this show, Winston falling for his abuser might top the list.)

* I loved Jessica’s line at the end of the episode: “We’ve been through so much s–t, and I just want something different.” Yes! Thank you! This is how we’ve all been feeling… like, since Season 1.

Now that you’ve slogged your way through Season 3, how do you feel about the way things turned out? Were you satisfied by the ending? And what could possibly await these troublemaking cuties in their fourth and final season? Grade the finale below, then drop a comment with your full review.

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