The Mandalorian Trailer: A New Hero Rises in Disney+'s Star Wars Series

Star Wars is getting its first-ever live-action TV series — and its debut isn’t too far, far away, either.

The Mandalorian is set to hit the Disney+ streaming service on its launch date on Tuesday, Nov. 12, and we got our first glimpse at it today with a trailer that premiered at Disney’s D23 Expo. In the trailer, we pan past an ominous line of Stormtrooper heads on spikes before seeing quick shots of cast members Carl Weathers, Gina Carano and Giancarlo Esposito along with various aliens and creatures — and a mysterious warrior suiting up for a fight. We get space battles, droids firing off blasters and that same warrior beating up a room full of assailants as a voice asks, “Bounty hunting is a complicated profession… don’t you agree?” Plus: Somebody’s frozen in carbonite!

Game of Thrones and Narcos veteran Pedro Pascal stars in the series, with a supporting cast that includes Nick Nolte, Esposito, Ming-Na Wen, Weathers, Carano and Werner Herzog. Jon Favreau serves as writer and executive producer on the freshman season, which will consist of eight episodes.

TVLine hears that Disney+ episodes will be released on a weekly basis, versus the all-at-once “binge” model.

In terms of Star Wars canon, The Mandalorian is set “after the fall of the Empire and before the emergence of the First Order,” which would place it somewhere between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens. In it, “we follow the travails of a lone gunfighter in the outer reaches of the galaxy far from the authority of the New Republic.”

Press PLAY above for a sneak peek at The Mandalorian, and then hit the comments to share your first impressions.

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