Younger Recap: Charles in Charge

Younger Recap

Social media proved itself to be a double-edged sword on Wednesday’s Younger. But is it sharp enough to kill Kelsey’s entire career with a single swing?

Let’s dive in: During a work trip to Chicago, Kelsey impressed Millennial’s potential new investors with her grasp of social, especially how she’s using it to expand the business and improve customer loyalty. They were less impressed, however, by the sexy DM she filmed for Zane (“Guess who got the money, honey!”) and accidentally posted to her Instagram story. The “uncomfortable” investors explained that they’re still interested in Millennial, but only if Charles returns to the role of publisher. And since this was the company’s last resort, Kelsey recognized that she had no choice but to step down. (Well, she technically took the escalator down — but you get it.)

Speaking of difficult decisions, Liza agreed not to see Josh anymore after promising Charles that their perceived chemistry in the Infinitely 21 ad meant nothing. To be fair, though, Liza kind of brought this on herself by traveling to Chicago and confronting Charles face to face. In her attempt to spare his feelings, she actually made him more insecure about her lingering attraction to Josh. Had she simply explained the situation in a phone call or a text message — or a sexy DM, a la Kelsey — he likely would have dismissed it. But hopping on an expensive last-minute flight made it seem like Liza had something to hide.

And while we’re discussing that Infinitely 21 ad, allow us to float a few questions to the group: How did Josh and Liza, the stars of the campaign, not see the final image before it was released? At the very least, shouldn’t Lauren — you know, the publicist — have seen it and warned her? Also, wasn’t that campaign only out for, like, a day before the company decided to immediately make it national? By what metrics could Infinitely 21 have possibly measured the ad’s success so quickly? OK, rant over.

Also worth discussing…

* Claire informed Josh that she’s been offered a great position with Google… in Los Angeles. Maggie suggested that he wage a custody battle to keep Gemma in his life, but he decided to go in a slightly different direction. He pitched a partnership between Inkburg and Infinitely 21 (naturally), where he would apply exclusive tattoos in-store to drum up publicity. Shelly was crazy about the idea… almost as crazy as she is about Josh.

* Despite a not-so-subtle dig at Liza (“When I was in my twenties…” / “Oh, you mean last week?”), Diana was cool as a cucumber whilst her wedding preparations got underway. Then again, this was just about the dress — we should really wait until the discussion of jewelry begins.

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