Younger Recap: Model Misbehavior

Reminds us again, why did Liza think the world would end if her secret came out? Because Wednesday’s Younger proved quite the opposite, introducing a slew of exciting opportunities for the literal poster girl of corporate ageism.

Liza’s good fortune began, ironically, when Forever Infinitely 21 pulled Millennial’s books from its shelves, inspiring her to deliver this speech: “You want some tea, Shelly? Everyone is pretending to be younger. We dye our hair, we whiten our teeth, we wear moisturizing face masks that make us look like serial killers, and we squeeze our widening hips into Spanx, because the most important thing to be in the whole god-damn world is 27. Should I have told the truth? Sure. But you know what? So should you. Millennial isn’t an age, it’s an attitude. And if you can’t sell that, we’ll go somewhere else.”

Not only did Liza convince Infinitely 21 to re-stock Millennial’s books, but she also inspired the company to make her the face (“and legs”) of a new campaign. And because Younger refuses to put its love triangle to bed, Josh visited Liza on set, where he explained to the photographers that he was actually the first person to believe Liza’s lie. “She wasn’t all done up like this,” he said. “She was dressed way down and wasn’t really trying to impress anyone. She didn’t have to. She was smart. And sexy. I would have believed anything she said. I just wanted to keep talking to her.” Taking note of Josh and Liza’s effortless chemistry and youthful energy, the photographer snapped a few sneak shots of the former couple — and wouldn’t you know it, that’s the angle Infinitely 21 chose to go with.

Liza also received an unexpected on-set visit from Quinn, who offered yet another major opportunity: a sit-down interview with NY1 about workplace discrimination. Unfortunately, the “local puff piece” took a nosedive when Liza accidentally exposed that Quinn knew about her secret before investing in the company, prompting Quinn to demand that Liza be fired in order to salvage her political career. And when Kelsey refused, Quinn made good on her threat to pull funding from Millennial, leaving everyone — including sloppy Jennifer from publicity — broke.

Elsewhere in the episode…

* A chance encounter at a “dog s–t” art gallery ended with Maggie bedding Raphael, a handsome (male!) artist. “Every 10 years or so, I run into the path of a penis,” Maggie explained to a very confused Liza, specifying that it could be for any reason: “a talent crush, ecstasy or a good parking spot.” But her dip in the man pond was short-lived, as she soon discovered that her new squeeze considers himself a “flipper,” a man who seduces lesbians purely for the thrill of the chase. As Maggie revealed, however, she’s also a flipper, going full Teresa Giudice on Raphael at dinner. Behold:

* For two people who have barely even been able to define their relationship, Kelsey and Zane took a pretty huge step this week, swapping “I love you”s over a home-cooked (and nearly home-burnt) dinner. Question, though: Is it a pre-requisite that all of Kelsey’s boyfriends have to hate Liza?

* Fellow Broadway junkies, can we take a moment to appreciate that this week’s episode gave us Laura Benanti and Annaleigh Ashford, in addition to the weekly weekly bonus of Sutton Foster and Miriam Shor? Younger is just too good to us sometimes.

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