A Million Little Things' XL-ish Season 2 Episode Count (Finally) Revealed

Million Little Things Season 2

A Million Little Things is upping the ante in Season 2.

In an interview with TVLine, series creator DJ Nash reveals that the ABC drama’s forthcoming second season will consist of 19 episodes, up from Season 1’s 17. “ABC actually wanted 22 episodes,” Nash reveals. “I wanted 18. We [compromised] with 19.”

Nash pushed back on ABC’s 22-episode quasi-directive in order to preserve the integrity of the storytelling. “I feel like the compliment our show gets that means the most to me is that it’s authentic,” the EP shares. “And yet the thing I love most about our show is flipping cards. For instance, you think Katherine [Grace Park] is horrible and she ends up being someone you love. We flip cards — that’s how we’re built. I don’t want to flip cards so much that it feels inauthentic. So that’s why I said, ‘I gotta do 18.’ And then they said, ‘How about 19?’ And I said, ‘OK.'”

And for sitcom-vet Nash — whose credits include ‘Til Death and Up All Night — 19 episodes is ambitious to say the least, the EP notes. “For a half-hour guy, that’s 38 episodes of television,” he points out. “That’s a lot of TV.”

A Million Little Things kicks off Season 2 on Thursday, Sept. 26 at 9/8c on ABC.