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Younger Star Breaks Down the Series' Most Dramatic Reveal Yet: 'I'm Glad We Took the Time to Explore This'

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Friendly warning: This article spoils the events of Wednesday’s Younger, arguably the series’ most pivotal episode yet. Proceed with caution.

The cat is officially out of the bag. Thanks to a particularly gossipy secretary at Charles’ daughter’s school, Pauline learned the truth about Liza’s age on Wednesday’s Younger — and proceeded to reveal that truth during her speech at a major publishing event. To make matters worse, Diana attempted to defend her “young” protege in front of the entire ballroom, only to discover that everyone in her life has been lying to her. “You stay the hell away from me,” she told Liza before fleeing the scene and having a full-blown panic attack in the middle of Times Square.

The two women didn’t speak until Liza entered Diana’s office the next morning. Diana was drafting Liza’s termination letter, but she paused to hear her out. “You can’t win the game without playing the game,” Liza said. “You taught me that.” Diana was able to respect that Liza did what she had to do, but something else troubled her.

“For the life of me, I cannot come up with one good answer to the question: What self-respecting adult would go to those lengths for this job?” Diana said. “To get me coffee and chopped salad? To hand-stitch my pants? To clean out my birdcage? To bring my urine sample to the doctor?” (Then things got emotional.) “To hold my hand when I was alone on the red carpet? To convince me to fight for Enzo when he chased me away? Who would do that?! It couldn’t have been just for the money.”

It wasn’t for the money, Liza explained. She did all of those things for Diana, an honest answer that clearly struck a chord with her emotional boss. Not only did Diana agree to keep Liza on as her assistant and her (old) maid of honor, but she also had one more thing to say, even if she couldn’t bring herself to find the words. “I love you, too,” Liza said.

TVLine spoke with Miriam Shor about the long-awaited reveal, that emotional final scene and what it all means for the future of the series…

TVLINE | After six years, I can’t even imagine what it was like to film this scene. Can you take us there?
First of all, Sutton [Foster] and I love doing scenes together. I love that relationship, and I love working with Sutton. I was so excited to get to do that scene. And the writer, Sarah Choi, this was the first full episode she got to write. I think she knocked it out of the park. It was beautifully written. With this show, people love to talk about who’s Team Charles and who’s Team Josh, so I love that this episode focused on the love story — the friendship love story — between these two women.

TVLINE | When Liza said, ‘I love you, too,’ I think I actually felt my heart break.
I know, right? It’s really beautiful that that’s what they chose to focus on. I think it’s gorgeous, and it gets to the heart of the matter. Friendships matter to me in my life, so I’m glad we took the time to explore this.

TVLINE | Many fans expected Diana’s response to be something like, ‘Oh, I already knew.’ Do you feel like that would have done a disservice to the relationship she and Liza have formed?
You know, I really believe in these writers, and I don’t think there’s ever just one way to tell a story. There are endless possibilities, and I trust that our writers will find beautiful, interesting ways to do things. So [her always knowing] would have been a great reveal. I don’t think it would have necessarily done a disservice, but what I love about the way it’s told here is that it matters so much to her. She doesn’t like to be made a fool of — obviously, since she has a panic attack in the middle of Times Square. But on the other side, she can’t believe she was so easily deceived. If you’ve ever had a relationship that truly matters to you, and then it all falls apart on some level, it’s incredibly painful. And I’m glad that they just let it be really painful. It would have been clever to do it the other way, but I think the emotional journey here is much more satisfying.

TVLINE | The second she stood up to defend Liza, I cringed. You could feel it coming.
[Laughs] I know! She was willing to make a spectacle of herself to defend her friend, and then it turns out that her friend has been lying, and she’s actually making a spectacle of herself in ways she doesn’t even understand. It’s a little hard to recover from that, not to mention that this necklace was the heaviest one I’ve worn in the entire series. The panic attack brings her to her knees, and the necklace makes it impossible to get back up.

TVLINE | I’m also glad they resolved this in one episode. I don’t think I could have survived the in-between.
Yeah! And at this point, you wouldn’t like Liza if she didn’t confront her right away. Of course she had to talk about it. And I think Diana wanted that too, she just couldn’t say it. The truth is, Diana completely understands why she did it. It’s everything she told Liza she should do. How could she say that’s not a good idea?

TVLINE | Moving forward, is Diana going to be paranoid that everyone is keeping more secrets from her? 
When your trust has been betrayed, you don’t bounce back quickly. But in other ways, now that they’ve been forced to confront this issue, it deepens their relationship on some level.

TVLINE | Anything else you’d like to say about this momentous occasion?
Yes, actually. I feel like the costuming has really tied into everything. First the fascinator in [last week’s engagement episode], and then the combination of that red dress and the necklace for [this week’s] moment of truth. I appreciate how much we all work as a team to tell this story and get it right. We all really care about the end result.

What did you make of Diana’s long-awaited discovery, as well as her emotional follow-up chat with Liza? The episode as a whole? Grade it below, then drop a comment with more of your thoughts.

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