Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Bonus Musical Number: Rebecca's Just 'So Happy 4 U'

All you Crazy Ex-Girlfriend fans out there still mourning the show’s end: We have just the thing to perk up your Wednesday.

Star Rachel Bloom has posted video of a musical number that was cut from the CW comedy’s final season, titled “I’m So Happy 4 U.” In the video — which you can watch above — Rebecca reacts to the crushing news that her friends Valencia and Heather are moving away by slapping on a fake smile and pretending to be happy for them… while masking the overwhelming loneliness she’s feeling inside. (You know, typical Crazy Ex-Girlfriend stuff.)

In the upbeat pop jam, Rebecca sings out her support for her besties while confessing that her own life isn’t going all that great at the moment: “You’ve got it all figured out/While me, I’m riddled with doubt.” (She even takes a private moment mid-song to take some deep breaths and collect herself.) It also doubles as a statement about the corrosive effects of social media, with aggressively cheerful emojis floating around Rebecca’s head. All of which leads us to ask: How did this song not make the final cut, exactly?

Press PLAY above for a much-needed Crazy Ex-Girlfriend encore, and tell us in the comments: Which Crazy Ex tunes are you still humming in your head? 

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