Grand Hotel Reveals the Truth About Javi's Accident — Who's to Blame?

Grand Hotel Recap

It’s been the (second) biggest mystery plaguing Grand Hotel fans all season: How did the show’s resident playboy lose one of his legs? After Monday’s revealing hour, we finally have our answer.

Until now, we’ve only been given vague hints as to what caused Javi’s accident. All we really knew going into Monday’s episode was that Santiago blamed himself for the tragic event.

And speaking of tragic events, it was Javi’s latest brush with death (via last week’s hotel collapse) that triggered Santiago’s memories of his son’s life-changing accident all those years ago.

Ready? Here’s the story: When Santiago started dating Gigi after Beatriz’s death, Javi immediately lashed out, furious with him for moving on so quickly. And with one of her friends, no less. After a night of heavy drinking — mind you, Javi was still in high school — he told Santiago that he wishes it was him who died, rather than Beatriz.

This was the last straw for Santiago, who not only kicked his drunk son out of his house, but handed him the keys to his car, which Javi crashed, resulting in an accident so severe that it required the amputation of his leg.

Were you surprised by Javi’s tragic backstory, or had you already pieced it together? And what are your thoughts on Grand Hotel’s other lingering mysteries? Drop ’em all in a comment below.

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