Animal Kingdom Sneak-Peek Video: Deran Warns Adrian, 'You Will Be Killed'

We knew this moment was coming, but that sure doesn’t make it any easier to watch. In this exclusive sneak peek at Tuesday’s Shawn Hatosy-directed episode of Animal Kingdom (9/8c, TNT), Deran breaks it to boyfriend Adrian that Smurf knows he’s been talking to the cops. In other words, he’s a dead man surfing.

It doesn’t matter that Adrian hasn’t revealed any Cody family secrets, either. The fact that he could is more than enough to put him six feet under. “How do you think we’ve been able to get away with this for so long without ever getting caught?” Deran rages. “It’s because Smurf handles things preemptively!”

That being the case, he adds, “if you stay here, you will be killed.” Yikes.

As one might expect, the set the day the scene was shot “was pretty fraught,” Hatosy tells TVLine. “The stakes for Deran and Adrian have gotten higher every episode this season. [Here,] I wanted there to be a sense, particularly for Adrian, of the walls closing in. At first, it almost feels like he just doesn’t understand. He thinks, ‘Pope likes me. He wouldn’t hurt me.’ The sense had to become that he had nowhere to go, which forces Deran to make a decision.”

To check out the preview from Tuesday’s “Julia,” press PLAY on the video above, then hit the comments. Do you think there’s any way Adrian survives the season?