Emergence's Allison Tolman & Co. Promise Surprisingly Speedy Answers in Their ABC Mystery Series

Allison Tolman wasn’t going to lie. On the set of her new ABC mystery Emergence, “I faked it,” she admitted to Michael Ausiello during a visit to TVLine’s San Diego Comic-Con video suite with her castmates and EPs.

She didn’t mean that she faked the acting part, of course — she meant the gun-wielding part of her role of Jo Evans, a police chief who takes in a young plane-crash survivor whose past is one big question mark. “When I had to do weapons training for Emergence, I was like, ‘Guys, it’s cool. I’ve done this before. I’m really good at this,’” the Fargo alum recalled saying, only to learn that “everyone holds guns differently now.” Hence, the faking.

Later in the interview, the gang weighed in on why their child-centered thriller wouldn’t suffer the same fate as, say, The Passage. It’s not just a mystery, suggested Scrubs’ Donald Faison, who plays Jo’s ex. “It’s family-based also. Around all of this chaos that’s going on, it’s really about this unit of people that have come together to figure out who this little girl is.”

In addition, the secrets surrounding enigmatic Piper aren’t going to remain secrets for too long, much less forever. “We’ve been surprised as a cast just how quickly information comes about Piper and revelations for all of us,” said Owain Yeoman, who plays the Reuters reporter who wants answers as badly as Jo does. “That’s very satisfying.”

Elsewhere in the interview, the group marveled at the rooting value in Tolman and Faison’s former marrieds; Alexa Skye Swinton, who plays Piper, and Ashley Aufderheide, who plays the exes’ daughter, extolled the virtues of a hectic schedule; and Swinton made a confession that she almost immediately wanted to recant. “You can-not” post this Q&A, she told Ausiello. Ha — good luck with that, kiddo!

To find out what she said, and to watch the whole interview, press PLAY on the video above, then hit the comments. Will you be sampling Emergence when it debuts on Tuesday, Sept. 24?