Orange Is the New Black Episode 10 Recap: What's Wrong With Red?

OITNB - Red and Nicky in 7x10

The following contains spoilers from the seventh and final season of Orange Is the New Black. Bookmark for later if you not yet watched through Episode 10.

An accident in the kitchen sends Red to medical in the fourth-to-last episode of Orange Is the New Black, where her cognitive impairment is properly diagnosed.

It’s Nicky who brings Red’s deteriorating mental faculties to the attention of one of the nurses. She eventually gets called down to medical, where a doctor says that her prison mom has early on-set dementia. Her rapid progression was triggered by an acute case of delirium that began while she was isolated in SHU. Her blood work also reveals a severe UTI, which, gone untreated, intensified said delirium.

The doctor explains to Red and Nicky that the UTI and delirium can be treated with medication, but Red’s dementia will continue to worsen over time. She’ll eventually need assistance with all activities of daily life.

Once she’s released from medical, Red is transferred to B-Block — aka “Florida” — where she will serve out the remaining 10 years of her sentence.

Were you at all surprised by Red’s diagnosis? Or did you predict she was suffering from dementia much earlier in your binge? Hit the comments with your reactions.

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