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Veronica Mars Season 4: Weevil's Falling Out With the PI, Explained

Veronica Mars Weevil

If you already binged Hulu’s Veronica Mars revival, you may be wondering how and why the titular PI’s relationship with her ally Weevil became so frosty.

At the close of the 2014 movie, the former PCH biker rejoined his old gang after getting arrested. But Veronica was still there for her pal, offering up Mars Investigations’ services to help clear his name. Fast-forward to five years later, and the two characters are barely on speaking terms (although Weevil does come to V’s rescue more than once).

“You had a wife and a daughter and a legit business, and you pissed it all away!” Veronica exclaims in Episode 6.

“I got shot, Veronica. Some rich, white lady shot me, and I got arrested!” Weevil yells back.

Veronica acknowledges that the situation was terrible, but “I was there for you. And so was my dad, and so was Cliff,” she adds. “But you were weak.”

The pivotal confrontation is a somewhat oblique reference to the events of the second Veronica Mars novel, Mr. Kiss and Tell, which is canon, according to creator Rob Thomas. In the book, Weevil was acquitted of all criminal charges stemming from the gun that the police planted on him in the movie. At Keith’s urging, he then sued the sheriff’s department to secure his family’s financial future and take down Sheriff Lamb. However, the case never went to trial because Weevil secretly accepted a settlement. Veronica viewed the move as a betrayal after all the hours her father and Cliff put into Weevil’s case and exposing corruption within the department. When Veronica accused Weevil of being a sellout, he argued that he had a family to take care of and that the trial could have dragged on for months, without a victory. And that’s how Veronica and Weevil went from saving each other to screaming at each other.

Here are a few other Season 4 mysteries that are explained in the books:

* Surprised to see Veronica carrying a gun? The weapon was given to her by Keith in The Thousand Dollar Tan Line. Although he was initially unhappy with her choice to become a full-time PI, he wanted her to take responsibility for her safety.

* If Leo and Veronica seem extra chummy in the revival, it might be because she and the then-SDPD detective teamed up for a case that took them to Las Vegas, where they easily fell into a familiar rhythm. According to the second novel, “the dirty little secret, the one that pained [Veronica] in the wee hours when she couldn’t sleep, was that she felt something similar for Leo” as he did for her.

Veronica Mars Hulu* One important piece of information that’s finally revealed in the books: how Logan came to join the Navy. During the nine years that he and Veronica were separated after Season 3, Logan went on a downward spiral that included two overdoses and suicidal thoughts. One day, when he was surfing, “I thought about just rolling off the board and letting myself drift. Seeing if I could drown without too much effort,” he confessed to Veronica in Mr. Kiss and Tell. After his second OD, a professor from Hearst visited him in the hospital, got him into rehab, helped him re-enroll at Hearst and suggested he join the Navy. “After that, it was like things just snapped into focus for me. For the first time in my life I had something that seemed worth working for,” he explained, adding, “So please understand, this isn’t some asinine death wish. This is what saved my life.”

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