Suits Recap: Donna and Harvey Are Official — Was It Worth the Wait?

Suits Recap

Good news, Suits fans: Harvey and Donna’s night of passion was definitely not a dream. When the ninth and final season premiere kicks off, the pair are still in bed and kind of in disbelief and awe. “Say it again,” Donna requests, to which Harvey replies, “I looked around, and you weren’t there.” As the two embrace, Harvey adds, “Everything’s changed.” And how! The next morning, Donna calls Rachel to share the big news (“It happened”), while Harvey leaves a message for Mike.

The afterglow is interrupted when Louis shows up at Donna’s apartment in a panic about the firm. He sees Harvey there in the same clothes he wore the previous day and assumes that Harvey and Donna were… up all night trying to figure out to how handle the Robert situation. “The most important thing is that you guys were banging it out all night,” Louis remarks.

Donna and Harvey decide not tell their friends the truth until they are in the right frame of mind to hear it. But Samantha figures it out, and she’s mad. Harvey mistakes her anger for jealousy, but she’s actually upset that instead of feeling bad, he was off screwing around with the person who was responsible for what happened to Robert. Donna gets it, though, and tells Harvey to let Samantha box out her anger with him in the ring. He’s concerned, initially, about hitting a woman, but Donna assures him that the blonde “needs this,” and Samantha more than holds her own during the match. To really make good, Harvey also gives up his clients to Eric Kaldor, who’s been trying to poach Robert’s, and then Donna delivers one of Harvey’s favorite clients to Samantha as a gesture.

Suits Recap

Meanwhile, the firm is under attack from the New York Bar Association, which wants Robert’s name taken down. (That might not be a bad idea considering that no law students even want to interview at the disgraced firm.) When the gang refuses the request, a Bar representative shows up with documents that give her full control over the firm — and Louis must sign them, or every partner will be suspended from practicing law for six months.

But let’s rewind to happier times: If you needed more proof that Harvey has had an emotional breakthrough, it comes when he asks Donna to meet him at Mike and Rachel’s old apartment. He explains that he never rented it out, as they requested, and instead created a fake tenant and has been paying them rent — in case they came back, Donna correctly surmises. And the fake tenant’s name? Donna immediately recognizes it as the kid who never showed up the day Harvey hired Mike. “That’s what I love about you: You get me,” Harvey replies. Yes, love! If that wasn’t enough for you, just moments before, he told Donna, “Once it hit me that we should be together, it felt like we’ve always been together. … I’m finally where I’m supposed to be.” OK, Donna, you’re not the only one who’s about to cry.

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