Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Recap: Bomb's Away! Plus, New Clues About 'Sarge'

Agents of SHIELD Recap 6x09

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. this Friday set the stage for a lonnnng-awaited team reunion — provided everyone could somehow safely navigate the truck vs. alien tower vs. spaceship vs. Zephyr showdown!

With the truck barreling toward the alien structure, after Sarge had sneaked aboard the Zephyr to lead a hijacking, Deke was called upon to work his tech whiz prowess and neuter the nuke at hand. But when Deke couldn’t pull off the defusing, Daisy stepped forth and, just before the truck smashed into the crystalline tower, safely “bubble-wrapped” the bomb inside a ball of vibrations.

On the Zephyr, Sarge armed Pax and Jaco, and the trio successfully seized control of the bridge from Mack. They also seemingly removed Mack’s “fast friend” from the equation using a force field, but Yo-Yo for starters got the drop on Pax during a patrol. Meanwhile aboard Izel’s ship, FitzSimmons realized that the crew had been zombified and was under the redhead’s thrall — though they themselves were safe, boasting as they do unusually big terran brains. But when her landing site was smashed into smithereens, Izel got anxious and pressed FitzSimmons to make contact with their friends who might have answers. Finally acquiring a signal, Jemma hailed S.H.I.E.L.D. using a secret distress code — only to have Agent Davis respond in kind! Worse, FitzSimmons heard Sarge’s voice, which puzzled them with its undeniable Coulson-ness.

Sarge’s voice was familiar in a very different way to Izel, as the two engaged in some verbal sparring over the radio. During their taunt-athon, Izel made clear that “Sarge” is merely an appropriated name, and made reference to him wearing someone’s “skin.” What’s more, as Sarge spoke of how Izel took him from his family (S.H.I.E.L.D.?), the woman he loved (May?) and his memories, she scoffed at the whole “memories” thing.

Izel and Sarge each vowed to kill the other, and the exchange left the latter visibly agitated. Mack, having been slipped a handcuff key by Yo-Yo, used that moment to free himself and attack Sarge. One brutal brawl later, Mack just barely emerged with the upper hand. Jaco arrived on the scene, but declined to intervene, having been reminded of his true mission by Yo-Yo.

Mack & Co. then boarded and stormed Izel’s ship, battling the zombified crew. Spitting Izel herself, Jaco coaxed Agent Davis into joining him for an assault in the name of ending it all. Approaching from different directions, though, they met up to find her mysteriously gone…?

Back on the ground, Sarge’s truck was swarmed by shrikes (shrike? shreek?), but before they could poke their way through the windows, Daisy opened the back door to create a choke point. And once the critters descended on her en masse, she used a new version of her quaking powers to disintegrate them into dust. Just then, Mack & Co. — FitzSimmons included! — portaled onto the truck, thanks to Jaco, and reunited with Daisy, May, Deke (“Bobo!”) and Snow. Jaco then bid everyone adieu as he portaled onto Izel’s ship with the nuke, to blow it to bits.

The hour closed with an atypically but deservedly festive celebration back at the base, where Mack toasted the reunited team (and got a nudge from Daisy to make things right with Yo-Yo)… Fitz got an earful of his “new” grandson… and Davis… slept? (Hmmm. Obviously, Izel possessed him or something during his and Jaco’s failed attack aboard the ship.)

Later, Mack paid Yo-Yo a late-night visit to stumble over a lot of words before finally ‘fessing that he screwed things up with her. But before he could sheepishly walk away, she whooshed her bedroom door closed and pulled him in for an embrace.

The late-night visit that Sarge got was far less warm, as someone who appeared to be May showed up in the prisoner’s quarters to shoot him, a lot — capped by what appeared to be a final pop to his head.

What did you think of the two-parter’s conclusion? And what Qs do you have for the cast when I see them this week at Comic-Con? Email ’em to InsideLine@tvline.com!

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