Younger Recap: Mercury Rising

Younger Recap

Mercury’s mystery investor was revealed on Wednesday’s Younger, and as Marianne Williamson would say, “Girlfriend, it is so on.”

Charles’ involvement was finally exposed after Millennial failed to secure one of its major cash cows, an erotic novelist who writes for “women of a certain age.” The writer preferred to work with someone like Charles (“Where’s the grey hair in the room?”) over a less-experienced publisher like Kelsey, whom she believes would bastardize her voice in an attempt to reach a younger demographic. Or as she explained to Liza and Kelsey, “I bet any man would let the two of you blow him. [Older women] have to work harder for that BJ — and we’re better at it!”

The whole ordeal was literally giving Kelsey “bald dude energy,” inspiring her to take matters into her own hands. But when she crashed the author’s meeting with Zane — who really does “always look like a dog that just ate your pizza” — she was surprised to discover that the meeting was actually with Charles, sending the alopecia-stricken publisher into a blind rage (“My hair is falling out because of you!”) that immediately went viral.

Liza already knew about Charles’ involvement, having confronted him the night before, but she promised she’d keep the information to herself after he pulled the cheapest move imaginable: reminding Liza that he never wanted to leave the publishing world; he only stepped away from Empirical because he wanted to be with her.

Then came the final twist(s): Not only are multiple Millennial authors jumping ship for Mercury, but Charles formally resigned from the company’s board of directors — solidifying him as Kelsey and Liza’s competition. (Again, “Girlfriend, it is so on.”)

Also worth discussing…

* Don’t get me wrong, it was hysterical watching everyone mistake Maggie’s natural yeast infection remedy (i.e. a piece of garlic lodged inside her vagina) for a batch of delicious-smelling garlic bread — but I think I might have to wait a while before I make reservations at an Italian restaurant.

* As someone who rolled my eyes upon Claire’s initial return from Ireland, I’m surprised at how much I’m enjoying her and Josh’s co-parenting storyline. I like that we’re getting to see them grow as individuals without having to deal with their relationship drama, which was never all that exciting. And, of course, I couldn’t resist gif-ing the moment where Josh accidentally got a face full of breast milk:

Younger Josh

* Both Miriam Shor and Molly Bernard deserve separate shoutouts for their work this week. They always bring the laughs, but between Diana’s subtle judgment of Kelsey’s fashion (“You can be the ringleader, since you’re already wearing a… top hat?”) and Lauren’s spastic mothering of both Josh’s baby and Kelsey, the ladies provided some much-needed humor in the midst of relentless office drama.

Your thoughts on this week’s Younger? Are you into Liza and Charles’ brewing War of the Roses Proses? Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below.

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