Scream: Resurrection Killer Revealed: Did You Predict Those Finale Twists?

Scream Resurrection Killer

After five episodes of haphazard finger pointing, Scream: Resurrection finally unmasked its killer on Wednesday, revealing a few other surprises in the process.

For starters, Liv wasn’t completely wrong when she theorized that Marcus was still alive. The truth is that Deion was the twin who died on Halloween eight years ago, but because the boys switched costumes while trick-or-treating, everyone — including their own mother — assumed that Marcus was the missing twin. Deion had always been the brother with “advantages” in life, so Marcus decided to keep up the charade for his own benefit. As one does.

Which brings us to our first killer: Marcus’ half-brother Jamal, who blamed Marcus for stealing their father away. Earl and Deion always had a strong connection, so if he knew Deion had died, he might have been more of a father to Jamal. Maybe.

But Jamal could never have pulled off a complicated serial killing all on his own, so it’s time to discuss the mastermind behind this whole shebang: Beth, the know-it-all horror buff. She says she’s always been a proud sociopath, hence her obsession with scary movies. But they eventually stopped being “enough,” leading her to crave something more real. Enter Jamal, who poured his heart out to her during their tattoo sessions, gifting the wannabe killer with the origin story she’d always wanted.

In the end, Deion Marcus, Kym and Liv were the only surviving members of the Deadfast Club, and they all lived happily ever after — as long as you ignore the last “No Caller ID” that Marcus sent to voicemail. (But that was probably just a wrong number… right?)

Were you surprised by any of the twists in Scream: Resurrection‘s final two chapters? Grade the finale event below, then drop a comment with your full review.

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