Scream: Resurrection Recap: As Deion Faces His Past, Two More Get the Axe

Scream: Resurrection Recap

Do you like scary TV shows? Good, because we’re about to break down Episodes 3 and 4 of Scream: Resurrection. (Click here if you need to catch up on Episodes 1 and 2.)

The second night of VH1’s Scream: Resurrection claimed the lives of two more Deadfast Club members, while painting a very suspicious portrait of the group’s so-called “princess.” Let’s discuss.

Episode 3 sends Deion back to his hometown after Ghostface calls to say he wants to know “what really happened” on that fateful Halloween. Ghostface also reveals that he killed Shane, but Deion doesn’t really seem to care. In fact, I don’t think anyone responds appropriately to the news of Shane’s murder — least of all Amir and Beth, who manage to have an entire conversation about Amir’s Halloween costume before he’s like, “Oh, by the way, did you hear Shane was killed? It was probably Ghosftace.” (Gee, you think?!)

Letting Deion confront Ghostface by himself seems like a bad idea, so the remaining members of the Deadfast Club decide to follow him (which turns out to be an even worse idea, but we’ll get to that later). With Liv and Amir in tow, Deion drives off, leaving Kym, Manny and Beth stranded at the gas station with a slashed tire. (Thanks, Liv!) Beth starts to panic, explaining that this is usually the part of the horror movie where things go badly for the “secondary characters” (i.e. the three of them), and she’s not wrong.

For starters, a group of racist a-holes (complete with Confederate soldier costumes!) run Kym off the road after she accuses them of slashing her tire. (Again… thanks, Liv!) Despite fighting with Kym earlier in the episode, Manny shows up with a tire iron and literally breaks one of the dude’s arms, sending the entire group running scared.

Meanwhile, Deion arrives at the junkyard where Marcus was allegedly killed and immediately encounters Luthor, the man he’s always held responsible — only it turns out he doesn’t know the whole story. According to Luthor, who has a severe case of PTSD from the war, Marcus hid in the trunk of a car after Deion ran away, got locked in and suffocated to death. Six months passed before Luthor finally discovered Marcus’ corpse and gave him a proper burial. But rather than giving Deion time to process this news, Ghostface shows up to raise some more hell.

After crushing Luthor to death in a car compactor, Ghostface sets his sights on Manny, who doesn’t realize that Kym has already made her way to safety. Ghostface traps him in a car and lights the cornfield on fire, resulting in the car’s explosion and Manny’s untimely death. And speaking of starting fires, it’s more than a little suspicious when we discover that Liv has a secret drawer in her bedroom. Where she keeps lighters. That she uses on… herself? I have questions.

Resurrection‘s fourth episode kicks off with Manny’s memorial, which is very sad and extremely lacking in “Alicia Keys-y” music. To make matters worse, Ghostface slips a note into a bouquet of flowers: the Deadfast Club needs to pick one of its members to die by 7:00. This inspires Liv to share her theory that the killer could be one of them, which group immediately flips back on her, explaining that she’s the one most likely to be behind it all.

Either way, they all decide to go somewhere safe for the night: Deion shacks up with Liv after football practice, Kym holds her own private vigil for Manny (where she encounters Hawkins, Manny’s secret football hook-up buddy!), and Amir invites himself over for a sexy dance party at Beth’s house — which, of course, is also a funeral home.

Deion finds Liv’s secret drawer, which contains a receipt for the bouquet of flowers Ghostface sent to Manny’s memorial, but Liv turns the tables on him, telling her dad about the gun she found in Deion’s bag. (Mind you, this is after Ghostface reveals that someone nominated Deion to die.) So Deion and Liv’s hot dad go for a little ride into the woods, where we learn that Liv has been “acting out in destructive ways” ever since her parents’ divorce. Hot Dad even goes so far as to call her behavior “unstable.” Right on cue, Ghostface shows up, stabs Hot Dad and knocks out Deion. Upon waking, Deion discovers that Ghostface has already alerted the police to Hot Dad’s crisis, inspiring him to flee the scene.

Back at Beth’s house of horrors, Amir reveals that he nominated Deion, prompting Ghostface to send him a “SNITCHES GET STITCHES” text before executing him elevator-style (which is somehow even more gruesome than it sounds). But before anyone has a chance to mourn poor Amir, the cops show up to arrest Deion for the attempted murder of Hot Dad.

OK, fellow Scream-ers, let’s talk: Did either of Night 2’s major deaths surprise you? Do you believe Luthor’s story about Marcus? And what do you make of Hot Dad’s warning about Liv’s behavior? Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below.

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