Stranger Things: 10 Times the Girls Ruled Season 3… Like, Totally


Warning: The following contains spoilers for Season 3 of Stranger Things. If you’ve yet to finish your binge, you might want to put off reading our salute to the show’s heroines until you have.

You’ve come a long way, babies! In the spectacular Season 3 of Stranger Things, the boys all but took a backseat to the series’ formidable female characters, who kicked so much ass, literally and figuratively, that if I were the Mind Flayer, I’d think twice about ever again attempting to turn Hawkins, Ind., ahem, upside down.

Back in Season 1, you’ll recall, most of the heavy lifting was left to super-powered Eleven and Joyce, the latter armed only with Christmas lights and her certainty that her son wasn’t dead. But in Season 3, Nancy came into her own (and then some), Max doled out relationship advice with the confidence of a Tiger Beat editor, and who would’ve thunk it? Erica’s bravery exceeded her sarcasm!

And those are but a few hints about the moments that we included in our list of the 10 times the girls ruled Season 3. To see which scenes we thought were the most memorably girl-powered, scroll through the attached gallery. Then hit the comments with the bitchin’ moments that you would have added to the list.

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