Evel Live 2 Daredevil Special Revamped After Headliner's Training Crash

Evel Live

History is making some tweaks to its television event Evel Live 2 following a crash involving headliner/freestyle motocross athlete Axell Hodges.

During a recent practice session, Hodges severely injured both of his ankles while attempting to break the motorcycle jump record of 378 feet and 9 inches (which was set by Robbie Maddison in 2011). As a result, the special — airing Sunday, July 7, at 9/8c — will now feature four-time X Games medalist Vicki Golden as she aims to set a new world record for a live motorcycle firewall stunt, during which she will speed through flaming wooden boards. The program will also include exclusive footage of Hodges’ crash, some of which can be glimpsed in the tweet below.

“Having a crash ahead of something you’ve been working so hard toward just plain sucks,” Hodges said in a statement. “The team and I were making a lot of progress during testing and the distances we were approaching looked good for Sunday’s event. Unfortunately, I made a mistake in air and wasn’t able to adjust in time for landing. I’m shocked I’m not in worse shape and feel extremely grateful to have been able to get up from this crash.”

Warning: The following video content may be disturbing.