Good Girls Poised to Add 'Graphic' New 'Good' Girl in Season 3

Good Girls Season 2 Date

The Good Girls‘ getaway car is about to become a bit more crowded: Producers are giving Beth, Ruby and Annie a new co-conspirator when the series returns next year with its third season.

The character’s arrival was foreshadowed in last month’s Season 2 finale when Christina Hendricks’ Beth remarked that she knew someone who could assist them with their potential new counterfeit money scheme.

“Annie, Beth and Ruby will definitely need and seek out the expertise of a graphic designer,” series creator Jenna Bans teases, before adding that this particular someone “might also be a suburban mom with a questionable background and has no interest in being a ‘good’ girl.”

Of course, first Beth has to get Ruby (Retta) and Annie (Mae Whitman) on board with her latest faux cash venture. “In [the Season 2 finale’s] last scene, it’s Beth sort of posing the idea of it, but Ruby and Annie haven’t really agreed,” Bans recently noted to TVGuide.com. “Next season I don’t think it’s going to be so easy for either of them, Ruby or Annie. Annie’s just been through a really harrowing experience too with Noah, who she was in love with, and then betrayed by. I think they’re both a little gun-shy, and Beth is the one who is sort of rushing head first back into the fire.”

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