Good Trouble's Cierra Ramirez Previews Mariana's Workplace Love Triangle

Good Trouble Spoilers

Mariana is about to get into some messy Good Trouble. When Season 2 premieres this Tuesday (Freeform, 8/7c), the software engineer will discover just how complicated it is to date a colleague when you’re fighting for pay parity and the big boss might have a crush on you.

Below, star Cierra Ramirez previews Mariana’s workplace struggle and the “really beautiful” storyline she’s obsessed with (that nothing to do with her character!).

TVLINE | On The Fosters, they explored women in tech a little bit with the STEM storyline, but on Good Trouble, they really go all in on it, and in a very timely way. Was that something that was important for you, not just playing Mariana but also being an executive producer on the spinoff?
Absolutely. Genuinely, as a fan myself, it was really exciting to see Mariana take what was a hobby in high school and turn it into a career. So seeing that jump, that was really awesome. Of course, it was very timely, and it’s something that I think women in any industry or profession can relate to in the workplace. So to explore that and fight the patriarchy while I’m at it has been so fun.

TVLINE | What has getting to play that aspect of Mariana more taught you about the character?
I feel so empowered, in general. Since The Fosters, Mariana has always been so persistent. If something needs to change, she will do her best to make sure that happens, and she does not take no for an answer. So I just learned how persistent she is and how strong-willed. She definitely makes things happen, for sure. It’s been really, really fun.

Good Trouble SpoilersTVLINE | Your character has started up a romance in the workplace with Raj. How is that going to complicate things in Season 2?
I definitely think it’s going to complicate things, just because of everything she’s been fighting for, as far as changing the culture at Speckulate. You can’t help who you love, of course, but I think with the Fight Club girls, it might not fly — or maybe not even with the whole company in general, just because she’s been fighting this patriarchy, trying to have equal rights. It’s going to get her into some trouble, you’ll see. [Laughs]

TVLINE | Often, when you mix work and pleasure, things get messy. For Mariana, what’s going to be the thing that suffers more: the relationship, or her work at Speckulate?
I think it’s going to put a strain on both ends. Because she’s not really in a place where she can tell everyone at Speckulate she’s dating a co-worker. Josh got fired for that very reason, for making advances on women there. But also, she does like him, so it’s a hard thing. We’ll definitely explore that throughout this season.

Good Trouble SpoilersTVLINE | At the same time, Evan seems to have developed an affection for Mariana. What are her feelings for him, though?
I think she just really respects him. Not a lot of people understand Evan or get him, and I think that he was drawn to Mariana because she really understood him, and she really appreciates him taking interest in her app and wanting to help her. Again, that can get a little messy if someone starts to get feelings.

TVLINE | As Callie’s sister, does Mariana have any feelings about the Gael versus Jamie situation?
I think at the end of the day, Mariana will respect her decision with anyone. I think that she just wants Callie to make a decision. It’s starting to, like, affect her work and getting in the way of that. I know Mariana really just loves spending time with Callie, so it’s kind of putting a little strain on their relationship, as well. So I think she’s just like, “Come on, girl, pick one!” As an audience member, too, I’m like, “Pick one!”

TVLINE | I’m going to put you in a tough spot for this last question: Is there a particular episode from Season 2 that you’re really excited about?
One storyline I’m obsessed with is Davia and Dennis. I just love them. I don’t have a particular episode because, I mean, I’m a little biased. They’re all my favorite. Every time I get a new script, I’m like obsessed, and I’m like, “This one’s my favorite. No, no, no, this one’s my favorite.” But I do really love Davia and Dennis, their friendship. It’s just really beautiful.