Project Runway Finale: Who Will Win Season 17? And Who Should Win?

Project Runway Finale

With Bishme Croartie’s emotional elimination already a distant memory, only three talented designers remain in the running to win Project Runway Season 17.

Statistically speaking, all three competitors — Garo Sparo, Sebastian Grey and Hester Sunshine — have earned their place in the finale. Hester has won three individual competitions this season, while Garo and Sebastian have each won two. For the most part, they’ve also managed to avoid falling into the bottom two, save for Garo’s slip-up in Episode 10 and Hester’s in Episode 12. (Sebastian, meanwhile, has never been directly up for elimination.)

If the judges’ comments in the first half of the finale are any indication, we’ve got a good feeling about Hester’s standing, as they felt her collection was the most “cohesive” one of the bunch. To be fair, they also complimented Sebastian’s collection, calling it “fresh.”

Taking all of this into consideration, we’re predicting (and supporting) a third-place finish for Garo, leaving Hester and Sebastian to battle it out for first. And while we’re leaning more towards a Hester victory, we’d be pleased with either outcome.

Which designer do you expect to win Season 17? And which designer do you believe deserves to win, regardless of which one actually finishes on top? Weigh in via our two polls below, then drop a comment with your full review of the three remaining contestants.

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