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Legacies Video: Can Hope and Landon's Love Survive That Twist in Season 2?

Hope’s season finale sacrifice may have gotten her wiped from the collective consciousness, but we could never forget Legacies‘ leading lady — and we can’t stop wondering what her future holds.

So when we recently caught up with star Danielle Rose Russell at The CW’s upfront presentation in New York, we unleashed all of our burning questions about the Originals spinoff’s upcoming second season. First up: How will Hope react if she fights to come home… only to discover that Landon, who lost all memory of her, has moved on with someone new?

Russell acknowledged that it would be an “awful” scenario to watch play out, especially because she knows that “[Hope’s] love for Landon is so strong, she’ll do whatever she can for his happiness and his safety. And if that means sacrificing her own happiness, she would do it in a heartbeat.” Playing it coy, the actress added, “I think that dynamic may or may not be explored. Who knows!”

Also discussed in our Q&A with Russell: Where was she when the cast learned about Legacies‘ Season 2 pick-up? How did she react to learning that Hope would end the season with a sacrifice? Was she surprised by the fans’ passionate feelings about Josie’s crush? And why does she want Hope’s story to get even darker? (You know, if that’s even possible at this point.)

Hit PLAY on the video above to watch our full red carpet interview with Russell, then drop a comment with your own *ahem* hopes for Legacies‘ future below.