Our Fall TV Predictions, From Arrow Time 'Travel' to Last Man's Ratings and Freshman Fates: Which Came True?

Fall TV Predictions 2019

Way back in mid-September, when the shrink wrap had barely come off of the 2018-19 TV season, the TVLine staff did the annual thing that we do — proffer predictions for dozens of shows. What was our latest success rate?

Our staff served up its best educated guesses about Arrow‘s new narrative device, rocky romances in Riverdale, Chicago and good ol’ Midnight, Texas, and the death visited upon one Modern Family.

Also meriting prognostication was the prospect of a Lethal Weapon vet checking out, Murphy Brown getting Trump to snipe back, and whether anyone from A Million Little Things would ever sound like they’re from Boston.

Where did TVLine outright nail it? Where did we come up a smidgen short? And in what instances were we out-and-out wrong? Spoiler alert: Last time around, we boasted a 32 percent accuracy rate; this year, we nuuuuudged that number up to 33 percent (pending any Seinfeld revival being announced by June 21).

In the attached slideshow (or click here for direct access), we present our original predictions exactly as they were published in mid-September, accompanied by each specific outcome. Take a gander at the results and either applaud or mock us.

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