What/If Creator Shares His Plans for a Potential Second Season (and Beyond) of the Netflix Anthology Series

What If Season 2

If you’ve worked your way through all 10 episodes of Netflix’s guilty pleasure What/If, you’re probably wondering… well, a lot of things. But mostly, you’re curious about what a second season would even look like.

After all, despite the myriad twists and turns taken throughout Season 1, the finale does a serviceable job of wrapping up everyone’s stories. But there’s one thing you might be forgetting about the Renee Zellweger throwback thriller: it’s an anthology.

“My intention is for future seasons, assuming we get future seasons, to take place in a universe where the other story never existed,” series creator Mike Kelley tells TVLine. “So there would be no Anne Montgomery in the world of Season 2.”

But in true What/If fashion, there’s a twist: “Assuming everyone’s schedule lines up and they want to do it, my hope is to pull an American Horror Story and bring back the same actors to play different parts in each season,” Kelley says.

So while Zellweger’s days of standing on her balcony under a ludicrous amount of lightning have come to an end, it’s entirely possible that she and the rest of the cast will return for another round.

Are you hoping for a second season of What/If? And how would you feel about everyone returning in different roles? Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below.

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