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Cloak & Dagger EP Talks Tandy and Tyrone's 'Exciting' Finale Moment, Previews New Direction for Season 3

Cloak & Dagger Finale

Spoiler alert: The following article reveals the events of Cloak & Dagger‘s second season finale. Proceed at your own risk.

Sure, Tandy and Tyrone managed to defeat Andre, save the people of New Orleans and conquer their own personal demons in Thursday’s Cloak & Dagger finale, but right now, there’s only thing we want to talk about: they held hands!

“You should read into that as much as you possibly can,” showrunner Joe Pokaski tells TVLine. “What the writers and I wanted to create was a bit of a Rorschach test for the audience. It’s exciting in this day and age to work on a show for 20 episodes where holding hands is the thing that people will get excited about. The best we can say is that this is the opening of a door of a question that a lot of people have been asking.”

The big moment came in the episode’s final minutes, as Tandy and Tyrone were headed out of town on a bus, en route to some lives in need of saving.

“Season 3 is about Tandy and Tyrone running into danger and looking for trouble, instead of waiting for trouble to come to their front door,” Pokaski says, clarifying that a third season has not officially been ordered. “And when you’re telling a coming-of-age story, part of that is traveling, seeing yourself in a different context and getting a different perspective on who you are.”

And although Pokaski acknowledges that the characters’ struggles will continue (“Tyrone is still going to experience life as a young black man in America, which won’t be easy”), the goal was for Tandy and Tyrone to properly “process” the fears that have been holding them back.

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