Pretty Little Liars: Where Are They Now? Everything The Perfectionists Revealed

Pretty Little Liars Updates

Our days in Rosewood may be far behind us, but we’ll never stop caring about our favorite Pretty Little Liars. So imagine our delight when, in addition to launching a new mystery for us to wrap our collective brain around, Freeform’s PLL spinoff also kept us informed about the ladies’ current whereabouts.

Whether it was through one-on-one conversations, nostalgic phone calls or even text message interactions shared on social media, The Perfectionists did a solid job of informing us when one of the girls (and boys) experienced a major life event. Whether it was an unexpected wedding, or the arrival of a very expected baby, fans were never left out of the loop.

And since we’re talking about Pretty Little Liars, we have to acknowledge that it isn’t just the protagonists who are doing big things. The Perfectionists has also dropped a few nuggets about Alex and Mary Drake, the original series’ Biggest of Bads, last seen trapped in the basement of Mona’s Parisian doll shop. (Spoiler alert: They aren’t trapped anymore!)

Browse our gallery of The Perfectionists’ most important PLL updates — you can click here for direct access — then drop a comment with your own questions below: What do you still want to know about the original Rosewood crew?

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