Dynasty Digs Up Sick Family Secrets in Finale, Sets New Season 3 Showrunner

Dynasty Recap

Several characters’ fates hang in the balance after Friday’s season finale of Dynasty, but for one behind-the-scenes presence, the future is clear.

Sallie Patrick revealed on Instagram that she won’t be returning to the CW soap as showrunner next season. “While I’m excited to move on to my next challenge, it’s of course hard to part with a world I put so much love into, from first pitch to this 44th [episode], but I’m so pleased with the team carrying it forward,” Patrick wrote. “I can already tell you, Season 3 is gonna be great!”

In a follow-up comment, Patrick mentioned that Dynasty‘s new showrunner was her first showrunner when she worked on ABC’s Dirty Sexy Money. TVLine has reached out for confirmation, but it’s worth noting that Josh Reims, currently a co-executive producer on Dynasty, served as one of several showrunners during Dirty Sexy Money‘s two-season run. (UPDATE: TVLine has confirmed that Reims will take over as showrunner.)

OK, time for the good stuff. Here’s a quick breakdown of how things ended for the Carringtons in Season 2:

* Fallon proposed to Liam during a romantic rowboat ride, but the couple’s celebratory bump-and-grind caused her to accidentally drop his family ring overboard. Adam commissioned a team of divers to retrieve it, but instead of a family heirloom, the crew dug up a few family secrets: two corpses — one of which was identified as Trixie, a friend of Fallon’s who took a fatal tumble in the mansion after a high school party. Fallon never questioned Anders when he told her that he’d “take care of it,” but she sure has some questions for him now.

* Speaking of fatal tumbles, after being hit over the head by Adam with a flower pot, Liam fell bloody face first into the pool, where he remained until the episode cut to black. (Bonus twist: We also learned that Liam got a girl pregnant overseas 10 years ago, then gave the child up for adoption. Why do we get the feeling we’ll be seeing this kid’s face in Season 3?)

* Anders formally resigned from his position as Blake’s house manager/murderer to help Sam run his new hotel, heart condition be damned! (Editor’s note: This hotel storyline is not my favorite. It may lead to good things, but right now, it feels completely out of nowhere.)

* The Carrington-Anders war continued when Kirby bought Femperial from Fallon for $1 — as part of Fallon’s overall plan to sabotage Blake — then refused to sell it back to her. Kirby’s determined to give its authors the support they deserve. Plus, she’s going to have a lot more free time now that Culhane has been taken into federal custody.

* And Dominique Deveraux showed her true stripes when she helped Jeff fake his death and frame Adam for murder… only she didn’t. Sure, she helped her son disappear, but in exchange for Blake’s continued financial support, she “forgot” to plant the evidence linking Adam to the crime. Talk about a real mother…

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