Will Smith's Genie Steals Corden's Thunder in Aladdin Crosswalk Musical

James Corden is ready to get Genie wit’ it in the latest installment of “Crosswalk the Musical.”

The Late Late Show host is joined by Aladdin‘s Mena Massoud and Naomi Scott. Together, they are set to star in a full-on production of the beloved Disney musical — just as soon as L.A.’s traffic lights turn red.

Corden comes to rehearsal in full-on Genie makeup, but is asked to forfeit the part once Will Smith arrives to claim his rightful role. Corden is reluctant, but ultimately agrees to play Aladdin’s pet monkey Abu.

Aladdin is, in many ways, the story of one monkey’s journey, from the backstreets of Agrabah, to the highest seat of power,” Corden says. “In fact, if you think about the great stage roles, it’s Hamlet, Willy Lowman and Abu, the monkey in Aladdin.”

Before their opening number, Corden offers his castmates some cautionary words of advice. “‘Don’t you dare close your eyes’ is not just a wonderful lyric. It could also save your life,” he says. “The traffic is real, and it’s dangerous.”

What follows are three performances, including “Friend Like Me,” “Prince Ali” (the driver at the 6:50 mark is really into it) and, of course, “A Whole New World.”

Press PLAY on the video above to watch Corden’s Aladdin musical, then drop a (high) note below.

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