SEAL Team Season 2 Finale Recap: Who Got Booted From Future Missions?

SEAL Team Recap Season 2 Finale

SEAL Team‘s titular heroes found themselves on a different kind of firing line after choosing to rescue one of their own versus capture a HVT. By the time Season 2 came to a close, was Bravo Team able to prove their worth?

Having rescued Ray following his wayward jump into Kasmir, Jason checked in on Bravo 2, with whom he recently traded contentious blows. They talked of how denying that man his last rites back in Mexico started Ray down this dark path, this crisis of faith. And even Ray admits that he would have rather died in Kasmir as the man Naima loves than live as the person he was becoming. But the brush with death served as a shock to Ray’s system and he is ready to clear his muddied mindset.

Choosing to rescue Ray over hunting Khan came with a price, however. Bravo Team now more than ever is on Commander Shaw’s s—t list, to a degree that Blackburn says there is even talk of breaking up Jason’s unit. Upon hearing that, an fuming Jason makes a beeline for Shaw… but smartens up and stops short of squaring off with the commander. Instead he retreats to a hangar to decompress, and pontificate larger life issues when Mandy finds him and asks what’s eating him. After getting an earful, Mandy reminds Jason that he is unrivaled when it comes to quickly and smartly navigating curve balls in the field – he can do that in his home life, too.

Shaw must bite his tongue when intelligence gets a new lead on Khan and Bravo Team, still in that theater, is closest to the meeting location. As such, they get invited to “one last rodeo,” one that could save their collective bacon in success… or seal their fate. The mission is not without its hurdles – the boys need to swim in (which we don’t get to see), and the building’s layout is such that they must access via fire escape followed by a roof entry — but they pull it off with very little drama. All told, they capture Khan, alive, while also taking out several most wanted terrorists from the region. As a result, Blackburn notes, Shaw would be laughed out of Washington if he tries to bench Bravo.

Returning Stateside, the reunions are aplenty at the Virginia Beach airstrip. Jason and his kids. Sonny and “cake eater” Lisa (keeping things chaste, though with plans to find the nearest bedroom). Clay and everyone. Ray, though, didn’t let Naima know he was returning — because he believes he owes it to go to her for once, and the welcome he gets at the hospital is indeed very warm.

The fallout of the deployment is less celebratory for Mandy. Barely a moment after she was able to proudly smile at Bravo’s big win, she gets called on the carpet by CIA brass. Her supes learned that she traded intel on one asset, who wound up dead, in trade for that Indian QRF conveniently getting out of Bravo’s way during the rescue op. “You went rogue” by unilaterally deciding the fate of one valued asset, her boss notes, and as a result Mandy will finish out her time with the spooks from the dreariest D.C. office they can find.

Mandy keeps this setback to herself as the team gathers for Swanny’s funeral — where Clay gives a moving speech, before giving his own Purple Heart to the fallen vet — and also at the Irish wake that followed. There, Jason gives a speech that took sobering stock of all the injuries and divorces and other adversities visited up their collective group, before toasting to their heroic ways.

What followed was an extended, near-wordless montage in which we saw Clay truly reunite with Stella… Sonny and Lisa enjoy a private, playful moment at an outdoor cafe… Ray and Naima at their child’s baptism… a lonely, pensive Mandy… and then Jason, dropping Emma off at college before bidding adieu to their sold family home. Afterwards, Jason sidles up to a bar, where the barkeep asks, “How are you doing, Jason?”

In response, Jason could only wonder himself: “How am I doing….”

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