Game of Thrones: 15 Burning Questions We Still Have After the Series Finale

Game of Thrones Series Finale Unanswered Questions

The war for the Iron Throne is over… but we’re not done asking questions about Game of Thrones.

After eight seasons of swords and sorcery, of fire and ice — not to mention a whole bunch of dead bodies — HBO’s fantasy epic drew to a close with Sunday’s series finale, and it did offer some definitive closure: Daenerys Targaryen is no more, and Bran Stark, of all people, sits upon the Iron Throne. (Or what’s left of it.) But with only six episodes in the final season, Thrones didn’t have time to tie up every last loose end. Who was “the Prince That Was Promised”? And what does Ser Davos’ wife even look like? (Yes, he has one.)

Since we’re clearly not ready to say goodbye to Westeros just yet, join us as we comb through Thrones‘ cast of characters to unearth a treasure trove of mysteries that the series finale didn’t answer. From Tormund’s romantic pursuit of Brienne, to the Lannisters’ outstanding debt, to whatever happened to that Daario guy, at least these burning questions will give us something to argue about to ease our withdrawal symptoms a bit.

Check out the photo gallery attached above — or click here for direct access — and see what’s still bugging us following the Thrones grand finale. And if you have answers for our questions, or nagging questions of your own (or just want to weigh in on Game of Thrones‘ swan song), grab a horn full of wine and hit the comments below.

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