Ratings: Game of Thrones Series Finale Breaks Records, Tops 19 Million Viewers

Game Thrones Series Finale Ratings

HBO’s Game of Thrones, with its series finale on Sunday night, figuratively melted its previous viewership record into a puddle of iron.

The sixth and final episode of the eighth and final season, titled “The Iron Throne,” delivered an audience of 13.6 million viewers in linear viewership alone, topping the previous record (12.5 million) set just the week prior and unseating The Sopranos‘ Season 4 opener (13.4 million) as HBO’s most-watched single telecast ever.

Across all HBO platforms (linear, HBO GO and HBO NOW), the fiery episode amassed a record 19.3 million viewers, exceeding the previous series high of 18.4 million (again, set by Episode 5, “The Bells”).

TVLine readers gave the series finale an average grade of “C,” while Season 8 overall rated a “C-.”

Season 8 has been averaging 44.2 million viewers per episode in gross audience, an increase of more than 10 million viewers compared to Season 7.

Game of Thrones final season viewership
Episode 1/final season premiere: 17.4 million (11.8 million for linear)
Episode 2: 15.9 million (10.3 million linear)
Episode 3 (ft. The Battle of Winterfell): 17.8 million (12.07 million linear)
Episode 4 (ft. battle aftermath, much drinking): 17.2 million (11.8 million linear)
Episode 5 (ft. Dany’s fiery tirade): 18.4 million (12.5 million linear)
Episode 6/series finale: 19.3 million (13.6 million linear)

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