The NCIS: LA Finale's JAG Reunion Was Probably Not What You Were Expecting

NCIS Los Angeles Recap JAG Reunion

The following contains spoilers from the NCIS: Los Angeles Season 10 finale and, in a way, the former CBS series JAG.

CBS’ NCIS: Los Angeles ended Season 10 by lobbing some missiles at Israel and Saudi Arabia — though shortly before that, it dropped some bombs on JAG‘s faithful fans.

In the course of investigating their latest, season-ending crisis — Chechen spies embedded in the U.S. military by Russia now were taking orders from a desperate ISIS — Callen and Sam met Harmon “Harm” Rabb, a JAG turned XO of the USS Allegiance. Aboard the ship, Callen and Sam discovered that their embedded NCIS agent had been murdered and tossed overboard. And that their first suspect was but one of multiple Chechen spies among the huge crew.

To help draw out the other moles, NCIS needed a certain Russian diplomat to give certain orders to the housewife they had outed as a Chechen spy. To that end, Hetty called up Lt. Colonel Sarah “Mac” Mackenzie, the Marine liaison to the Secretary of State.

NCIS LA JAG ReunionSitting down with Hetty, Mac shared that she hasn’t seen Harm in nine (!) years. He passed up a JAG position in London to go with Mac to  San Diego. But soon enough, Harm “needed to get back in the fight,” Mac said, so they were engaged “but living completely separate lives.” Harm is now on track to have his own ship, and maybe advancer to the rank of admiral.

When an opportunity with the State Department came up, Mac “had to take it,” though it meant that their “pretense of a marriage was over.” Even so, “Life is good,” Mac claimed. “Some things just don’t work out.” But as Hetty suggested, the estranged couple’s “final chapter isn’t written yet.”

When the “turf” and “surf” parts of the NCIS team went to compare notes via a video call, Harm was a bit taken aback, but obviously pleased, to see Mac on the screen. “You look great,” he later said, after they tended to far more urgent business. Mac in turn smiled, “You haven’t changed. Life at sea suits you.”

JAG Reunion NCIS

And that, save for an awkward, but longing-filled good-bye later on, was all the “tea” we got on Mac and Harm, at least for now. This story arc is very much “To Be Continued,” seeing as it ended with ISIS launching missiles at Israel and Saudi Arabia, seemingly from Iran and with impact just seven minutes away. Meaning, there will be preciously little time when Season 11 opens for Kensi, Deeks, Navy SEAL Wallace and CIA agent Sabatino — currently under fire in an Iraq-based hideout — to track down the missing journos who have evidence that ISIS staged this false flag, to keep the targets from overreacting and launching an all-out war zone in the Middle East.

What did you think of the JAG update, and the finale as a whole?

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