Charmed Finale: Who Didn't Survive? And What's Changing in Season 2?

Charmed Recap

Macy learned an important lesson on Sunday’s season finale of Charmed: Just because you can remake the world as you see fit, that doesn’t necessarily mean you should.

For example, reviving Galvin might have seemed like a good idea in the moment, but undoing his sacrifice caused all of the people he saved to die suddenly. “I was at peace with dying,” he said. “I wanted to save those people.” (OK, Buffy!) But rather than realizing the error of her ways, Macy basically acted like that gif of the dog in the burning house, insisting that everything was fine. After all, she’s the Source now — if anyone else dies, she can just keep bringing them back!

Refusing to see the obvious — that her Source powers were simply too dangerous — Macy figured that her sisters were only scared because they didn’t have their mother around to calm their nerves. So she created an alternate reality, one where she came to Hilltowne before Marisol was killed. But when she showed up at the manor, Marisol ended up dying anyway, a side effect of the necromancer’s curse.

For her second attempt at recreating reality, Macy invented a world where she and Maggie lived with Marisol, making Mel the odd sister out. (“You’ve always been the problem,” Macy told Mel before rebooting the world. “From the beginning, you refused to let me in!”) But it wasn’t long before Mel and Harry reunited in this new reality, eventually regaining their memories and tracking down Maggie. And even though Mel agreed to stay away from Marisol, she still flew out the window to her death, leading Macy to reach a new conclusion: “I’m the problem that needs to be fixed.”

This inspired her to create yet another reality, but things went haywire even more quickly than in previous attempts, forcing Marisol to step in and send the girls back to the moment where everything went sideways. Macy lost control of the Source powers, nearly killing Mel and Maggie in the process, but her sisters’ love and commitment eventually broke through her icy exterior. Phew.

The sisters transferred the power of the Source into three pieces of Macy’s necklace, which they scattered to three corners of the world, then had Harry wipe their memories to ensure they’d never find them again. This brought them back to their original reality, which turned out to be even more depressing than they remembered: Mel decided to formally move on from Niko, Macy mourned the (second) loss of Galvin, and Maggie tearfully said goodbye to Parker, who left town to get his demon side in check.

But the finale wasn’t a total bummer. It ended with the sisters being greeted at home by some of the supernatural beings they helped this season. “Now that the Elders are gone, who’s in charge?” they wondered. And the answer was simple: The Charmed Ones!

If I may editorialize for a minute: Charmed‘s first season was a bit uneven, but I think it found its way towards the end, and this was a strong way to wrap things up. I’m also glad that the sisters’ individual love interests seem to be out of the picture, as none of them seemed to have any chemistry whatsoever (which is something I noted back in Oct. 2018). And I love that Macy finished the episode by closing the door to the manor with her mind, a season-ending tradition from the original series.

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