60 Minutes' Steve Kroft Is Retiring

60 minutes steve kroft retiring

It’s the end of an era for 60 Minutes: When Steve Kroft wraps up his 30th season with the newsmagazine, he is retiring, CBS has revealed.

The 73-year-old correspondent — the series’ longest-tenured reporter — will officially announce his plans to step down Sunday following the show’s 51st season finale. 60 Minutes will then pay tribute to the veteran journalist’s storied, half-a-century career with a special to air that will air in September.

Steve Kroft’s reporting for 60 Minutes has been as important as any correspondent’s in the history of this broadcast,” says executive producer Bill Owens. “Steve, with his sharp eye for detail, rich writing and demanding journalism, has set the bar at 60 Minutes for three decades.”

Added CBS News president Susan Zirinsky: “From the moment Steve Kroft arrived at CBS News in 1980, he has been shot out of a cannon, and wherever he landed, his stories broke news, had depth and a strong sense of humanity. From Central America to a tour of duty in London, and back to New York, his destiny was clear — Kroft’s investigative instincts and ability to unravel the most complex stories made him a perfect fit for the 60 Minutes team.”

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