Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season Finale Recap: Suicide Squad, Assemble!

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Warning: The following contains spoilers from Thursday’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine finale.

In the Season 6 finale of NBC’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Jake & Co. assembled a team of powerful (and highly unlikely) allies within the NYPD to take down Commissioner Kelly — but did their operation go according to plan? 

When Jake, Charles and Capt. Holt discovered that Kelly was using illegal wiretaps to bring New York’s crime rates down, Jake formed his very own Suicide Squad, consisting of his fellow Nine-Niners as well as The Vulture (Dean Winters), C.J. (Ken Marino) and Madeline Wuntch (Kyra Sedgwick), the latter of whom was key to Peralta’s entire plan. The Suicide Squad planned to commit a fake crime so serious that Kelly would be forced to deploy his newfangled wiretapping technology. 

So what exactly was the plan? The Squad would stage the kidnapping of a cop — one ranking enough to send shockwaves through the system, but someone not quite important enough that his or her absence would negatively impact the NYPD. So naturally, they went with C.J.; Amy, Charles and Jake would pose as C.J.’s kidnappers, and Holt would drive the getaway van. Afterwards, the Vulture would get called in as the lead detective on the missing persons’ case and clear the crime scene of all evidence. Without any good leads, Kelly would give the order to employ wiretaps to track down his detective — an order the Squad would capture once Wuntch planted a bug on the commissioner. 

The plan… goes terribly wrong.

Wuntch opts not to plant the bug on Kelly after she discovers that Holt has had Diaz and Jeffords on her tail, tracking her every move. The only way she’ll agree to proceed is if Holt apologizes for everything he’s ever done to her — including the “Michelle Obama incident.” And so, Holt gives a half-hearted apology, and it’s on to Plan B. 

To move forward, the Squad will have to make Kelly believe that the kidnappers are a legitimate threat and C.J. is in real danger. So they attempt to make a scary hostage video in Hitchcock’s basement — only, C.J. has trouble sticking to the script. Meanwhile, Holt and Wuntch attend a policemen’s ball, where they pose as lovers (!), to give Wuntch another chance to plant the bug. They head out to the dance floor, and just when it seems like she and Holt are finally bonding, Kelly cuts in and reveals that he and Wuntch are in cahoots. They set up the Nine-Nine, and now they’re all going to prison for the attempted takedown of the commissioner!

But wait, there’s another twist!

As it turns out, Wuntch is not working with Kelly. She and Jake had come up with another plan once it became clear that they needed to keep Holt in the dark to pull it off and incriminate Kelly. Outside the interrogation room, Kelly hands Wuntch his phone to take a picture of him with a humiliated Holt — only instead of taking a picture, Wuntch has cloned the contents of Kelly’s phone and transferred them to a secure server. Now they have the evidence to prove that Kelly’s up to no good. 

In the end, Kelly is fired, but not arrested. He gets a job in the private sector because, as Holt puts it, “this world is terrible.” As a result, Wuntch is made acting commissioner. As her first official act, she demotes Holt after finding out that he only served one month as a patrolman before he was promoted to detective. As the episode comes to a close, Holt is seen directing traffic in the middle of 8th Ave. On the bright side, Holt’s demotion means there’s enough money in the budget to cover Terry’s raise, so the lieutenant won’t have to relocate to the 112th Precinct in (gulp!) Staten Island. 

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