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The Big Bang Theory's Kaley Cuoco: 'I Will Cherish' the Series Finale's Big Penny Moment 'For the Rest of My Life'

Big Bang Theory Finale Elevator

The Big Bang Theory gave Penny a handful of memorable moments in Thursday’s series finale, but as far as Kaley Cuoco is concerned, one scene stands head and shoulders above the rest.

As Cuoco tells TVLine, she nearly did a spit take when she learned that Penny would be the first Big Bang character to ride the apartment building’s long-broken, now-repaired elevator. “The fact that I got that moment.. I will cherish that for the rest of my life,” she declares, before noting that the studio audience at the taping “screamed for like five minutes” when the elevator doors opened and Penny was revealed to be inside.

In fact, Cuoco admits that Penny serving as the centerpiece of the elevator moment “surprised me more than Penny being pregnant!”

Showrunner Steve Holland, meanwhile, tells TVLine that he gave Penny the “big moment” because it “just felt right for the story.”

The elevator reveal was originally intended to arrive “later in the [second] episode,” Holland shares. “But as we were breaking the story, it just felt like this was a great time to do it. And I think it was more of a surprise coming so early in the penultimate episode rather than the last episode.”