Party of Five Reboot Gets First Trailer — Watch an Emotional Sneak Peek

Party of Five is coming back to TV… with a twist that’s ripped straight from the headlines.

Freeform has released a trailer for its reboot of the ’90s Fox family drama — which you can watch above — but instead of a family of kids left to fend for themselves when their parents are killed in a car crash, Freeform’s Party of Five centers on a family of kids left to fend for themselves when their immigrant parents get deported back to Mexico. Just like the original, though, there are plenty of heartwarming (and tear-jerking) moments along the way.

The waterworks start when the Acosta kids watch their parents get hauled away by immigration officials, leading to a tearful separation with the kids and their parents on opposite sides of a chain-link fence. Now their eldest son (played by 13 Reasons Why‘s Brandon Larracuente) is left to manage a brother who’s failing school, a sister who’s “angry at the world,” a younger sister who’s growing up too fast — and a baby stricken with thrush! But the siblings comfort each other by thinking of their parents: “They figured it out… so will we.” (And is it just us, or is Larracuente giving off serious Matthew Fox-as-Charlie Salinger vibes here?)

Press PLAY above for a sneak peek at the all-new Party of Five, and then share your first impressions in the comments below. 

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